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Our suite of global immigration and visa services

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Initial Assessment of Visa Type

Discuss your plans to assess the most apt process to follow to match your individual circumstances and objectives.

Entry Visa Authorisation

Entry for foreign nationals to another host country is not a given without the correct official authorisation. We assist to obtain these to facilitate smooth passage through host country borders.

Work permits and authorisation

To be work authorised in your host country can be problematic. We help to obtain the correct work permits and authorisation to legally work in your chosen country.

Residential Area
Resident permit filing and registrations

Depending on visa type you may encounter residence formalities such as municipal registrations, residence notificaitons and permits etc. We handle these features for you to align your legal status in the host country. 

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Spouse and dependent immigration permits

Whether accompanying you or joining you at a later stage, let us assist to have them in the host country safely and compliantly

Document with Pen
Preparation of Visa application forms

Careful drafting, manner and form of an application can make a difference to the success of an application. This is what we do. 

...and more besides...

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Advice and updates on process requirements and time frames

We will provide the process, procedures and information required to assist as instructed, from the start and ongoing throughout to its conclusion.

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Submission of applications

Where and when required we will have your application submitted to the competent authority in the host country.

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Guidance, support and advice throughout the process

Ongoing guidance and support throughout your process. 

...much more...

Signing Forms

Preparation of specific documentation to support application

Advice and preparation of required documents to support your application.

Renewal Process Assistance

Timely advice and assistance on the renewal of your visa and work permit statuses.

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Post Arrival Assistance

Depending on the visa your immigration process does not end when you land. There may be relevant registration conditions to follow. much more... 

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Expiry dates monitoring and tracking

Timely notice on renewals and steps to undertake to remain compliant and legal in the host country.

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Regular feedback and service reviews

Our service delivery counts when measured by clients. We will ensure this is done on a timely basis to ensure we keep our service operating optimally for our clients.

Assignment Planning

Clear strategies on when, where, who and how to deploy your assigned and transferred workers to align with your business objectives.

We also help with

Document procurement and coordination

We advise on how to obtain the necessary official documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, education qualifications, criminal record certificates where necessary to support an application; and coordinate their conveyance via countries as required.

Procurement of documents
Document legalisations
Apostile of documents
Document translations
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